Wristlet: Design Your Own


Wristlet keychain designed to slip onto your wrist and look stylish while saving you from the dreaded “where are my keys” daily hunt.

What color do you want to have included?

Want a 2nd color? If not, just pick the same color you picked before.

How about a 3rd color? If not, you can repeat the same color if you only want 1 or 2 colors included, no hard feelings.

These patterned beads can add a little something extra to your design.


Would you like to add an initial or name?

For most items, we recommend 8 letters or less. For lanyards and keychains we recommend 4 letters or less.

More questions? See ‘Personalization & FAQ’s’, linked at the bottom of the page.


Not just for moms! But these originated because of one mom’s constant battle of losing keys, finding said keys, only to loose them again mere seconds later. If you also fall victim to losing keys in a short period of time, or losing keys in an oversized purse, these might be the ticket to less panic inducing car key searches.

Designed in the colors you pick, these can be personalized with initials, a first name initial, kids initials, or any other letters you’d like. Please note, a spacer bead will be placed between each letter bead to ensure a nice circle shape stays in tact so you can always slip it on your wrist quickly.

There is also an option to add *a la mode* beads to your design to add in a fun pattern.

Please note, the length of the personalization affects the number of colored and patterned beads used, as the total number of beads used stays the same for sizing purposes. We recommend keeping this design to under 6 letters total, with a 1-3 letters being the ideal length.

Materials Used: 

  • Nylon String
  • Non-Toxic, Food Grade Silicone Beads
  • 100% Beechwood Beads
  • Metal Clasp

Product Safety:

These are carefully handmade and inspected to be safe and secure, but loose beads and small parts still pose a choking hazard. We work hard to ensure our products are 100% safe when used properly. To avoid any risk, please inspect products before each use. Always supervise children while using products that contain small parts.

Product Care:

Hand wash with soap and warm water as needed. Do not let sit in water for long periods of time, as wood can swell and splinter.

Additional information

Color Collection

Honeypie, Nudey Booty, Seawater


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