Nudey Booty

Colors from the Nudey Booty Collection

Nudey Booty Collection

When you select a Nudey Booty Collection item, your design will be handcrafted with beads from this collection that compliment each other well. We promise to make your design look great!

This is a good option if you aren’t sure what colors you want to have included in your design but know that you enjoy this color palette! It’s cozy neutrals including tans, browns, oranges, and grays go with anything and are always in style.

When making Salty Soothers, we try to mix them up and include hexagon, ridged, and other beads as much as possible to keep them unique and fun. With pacifier clips and necklaces, we keep with a more standard size and shape bead, but incorporate colors that pair well together.

If you know exactly what colors you want to have included in your design, make sure to select the “You Pick” option.



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